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The TCW Website and Historic Training Facility (HTF)

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Semaphore (2)
WWII Radio cabin
The TCW Website and 90SU Historical Training Facility looks to provides a hub of learning and a repository of artifacts which bear witness to the proud history and ethos of expeditionary communications and airfield activation in the Royal Air Force.

From the dark days of World War 2, through to contemporary operations across the globe, RAF Communicators have been at the forefront of innovation and service.

The main interest of the collection is not driven by its association with conflict, but from its very extraordinary demonstration of technical expertise and the determination of our personnel, often in the face of demanding and arduous conditions.

The focus of both this site and the HTF is to help increase visibility of the men and women who have played a significant role as force enablers during times of Peace and War. It was also developed to to help RAF personnel understand the history and ethos behind expeditionary communications and airfield activation. and ultimately help them to become critical enablers, able to deploy independently or as part of a coalition force employed on full spectrum operations, and to always achieve success.

Learning from the challenges and victories of the past will ensure that we continue to ‘Conquer the Ether’.


RDV & VSC 501 at Qalat Sikar Airfield, Op TELIC 1
RAF Transportable Telecommunications System RTTS
Reacher, 90SU Rock Dove deployment