Tactical Communications and Airfield Activation in the Royal Air Force

Expeditionary Communications in the RAF

Operational Deployments

Peace Keeping and Humanitarian Aid Deployments

Radios, Satellite Systems, Data links and Ancillaries.

Website & Historical Training Facility

The 90 Signals Unit Historical Training Facility, HTF, provides a hub of learning and a repository of artifacts which bear witness to the proud history and ethos of expeditionary communications and airfield activation in the Royal Air Force. From the dark days of World War 2, through to contemporary operations across the globe, RAF Communicators have been at the forefront of innovation and service.

In conjunction with the HTF, the Tactical Communications and Airfield Activation website looks to capture and articulate the proud history of RAF enablers and their significance in the success of United Kingdom and RAF operations.

Note: The HTF is located at the 90SU Force Head Quarters at RAF Leeming and can be visited by prior arrangement with the Force HQ and museum committee.


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